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Save the planet and your pocket

Ling Group answers a great question, how can i save money and be socially responsible at the same time? Our consultants are here to help you, with a free estimate.

No deposit

All zero deposit!!! Producing your own solar energy.

Fiscal incentive

Right now the IRS is reimbursing 30% of your investment.F-5695.

3 simple steps

Free quote
Free estimates! One of our expert solar consultants will determine the solar system your home needs.
We handle all the details! From permits, inspections, electrical work, to connection to the network.
Save money
Congratulations! The sun now powers your home. Impress your friends and see your solar production with your mobile device.

¿How does it work?

The solar panel system generates energy during the hours of the Sun, during daylight hours it sends the energy to the house and all the additional energy that it is producing goes to the Utility company (or Batteries), where it is stored for use. then, when the night comes, this saved energy comes back to your house.

The heart of your solar equipment

The most advanced system of micro inverters in the solar industry, this innovative technology allows you to see the production of each solar panel in your home individually, this allows you to more accurately identify faults or performance reductions, Enphase micro inverters cause a positive impact in the equipment improving its productivity.

Clean water through clean energy.

GivePower’s Solar Water Farms are sustainably creating access to clean water in water-scarce regions around the world.

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¿Why is Solar Energy better?

The difference is undeniable.

Regular Electricity

Variable payments.
It will be paid for life.
Harms the environment.

Solar Energy

Fixed payment per month.
Revalues your property.
Familiar patrimony.

Energía Solar

Pago fijo al mes.
Revaloriza su propiedad.
Patrimonio familiar.

Electricidad Regular

Pagos variables.
Se pagará durante toda la vida.
Perjudica el medio ambiente.

Warranty and Maintenance

25 year guarantee.
Free monitoring via WI-FI through our APP.
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Estamos muy felices con nuestro sistema solar, todo lo que nos prometió nuestro asesor solar lo cumplieron, no me pidieron depósito. Gracias a LING GROUP estoy ahorrando dinero cada mes, ellos hacen todo el trabajo por ti. El tax credit del IRS, lo recibí completo como me explicó mi asesor, es una compañía responsable y honesta.
Jose y Guadalupe García
Our solar representative was phenomenal! He was always available to answer any questions we had. He is very knowledgeable and made the decision to go solar easy. We felt comfortable with each step. The LING GROUP installation crew were professional, polite and efficient! Our project manager has been very informative, keeping us abreast of everything from permits to install. Their attentive staff and customer service... I’ve been really impressed!!!
Liam Jhonson
We were confident we had the right company to install a solar system. We were completely overwhelmed with the skill, craftsmanship and dedication these people displayed in construction of our new solar system. Everything was up and running in just two days. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation than for LING GROUP to install solar systems for all our friends, family and neighbors.
Emma Smith

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